Alpha Industries ORGANICS Collection

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The styles from the Alpha Industries ORGANICS collection are made of 100% organic cotton.

And what does that mean?

Normal cotton fibers are one of the most important raw materials for textiles of various kinds. As natural fibers, they are actually even more sustainable than synthetic fibers, because cotton is a constantly renewable raw material and biodegradable. But cotton production and processing often have a strong negative impact on the environment because conventional cotton mainly uses genetically modified or chemically treated seeds. Therefore, there is the alternative: organic cotton. Both during cultivation and processing, 100% of harmful substances such as pesticides and fertilizers are avoided. This is certified by the so-called “Global Organic Textile Standard”, or GOTS for short. In the cultivation of organic cotton that is certified according to GOTS, great care is also taken to ensure that certain social standards are adhered to during the entire production process, in addition to environmental standards. Furthermore, less water is used during the production of organic cotton.

But it doesn’t stop with the garment alone. The packaging of the styles from the Alpha Industries ORGANICS collection is also biodegradable and plastic-free. It is made of corn starch. In addition, the labels are made from recycled paper.

Our goal is to put the textile industry on the right track, to make the clothes of the future more sustainable and, in the process, to sensitize consumers to the issue.

Even if it can’t solve all the problems: with the ORGANICS collection, Alpha Industries is taking the first step in the right direction. And who knows what the future holds for sustainable fashion at Alpha Industries? So, we advise you to keep your eyes open!