Denim trends: The rise of circular denim

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More and more eco-conscious innovations are seeing the light of day and the circular economy is surely one of them. The fashion industry is used to a linear production, which by definition ends with garments in landfills. But many shifts have occurred over the last few years to offer a more sustainable and ethical approach to a product’s life.

According to the United Nations Environment Assembly, it takes 3,781 litres of water to create a pair of jeans, making circular denim necessary to build a more responsible industry. The goals of a circular production are straightforward: it aims at reducing the amount of resources used to produce denim and being more conscious about the materials chosen. It also enables products to have an entire lifecycle, with the possibility of being reused and recycled. Indeed, the manufacturing process is still mostly based on a ‘design-sell-wear-dispose’ system.

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Circular denim offers a new way of making jeans and other denim pieces, but this has to start from inception. Mud Jeans has understood the challenge: its design process itself is based on a circular production, with the use of materials that are easy to repurpose and recycle. But when it comes to being eco-conscious, the manufacturing process and fabrics aren’t the only factors to consider – buttons, tags and pocket linings need to be included, too.