Fashion illustration experiences palpable surge in interest, says Downton

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Each category winner receives a year’s Fida membership and gains a place in the Fible, Fida’s Fashion Illustration Bible, which showcases the best of contemporary talent and which is sent to luxury brands and industry leaders, while the overall winner also wins 2000 pounds.

“Fashion illustration today has few rules. There is great energy and excitement and a palpable surge in interest everywhere,” commented Downton in a statement. “Social media has democratized the process and leveled the playing field (while not always raising standards). But some things never change. Drawing is still paramount and at the heart of every successful image.”

The winner of the Classical Award is Betty Southerland. The Avant Garde prize went to Katrin Funcke for her expressive and painterly composition. The Nouveau category was claimed by Kate Nastas for her elegant interpretation of a Miu Miu editorial image and the Fashion Show award was won by Nadia Coolrista for her striking artwork using color pencil on black ground. Coolrista was also Fida’s Fashion Faces winner in 2020. This year’s overall winner was Katrin Funcke.

“I found the standard to be very high, with some great examples of individual and imaginative work,” said John Booth. “It’s really great to see that so many people still feel really passionate about fashion illustration as an exciting and important form of communication.”

Fashion editor Jackie Mallon is also an educator and author of Silk for the Feed Dogs, a novel set in the international fashion industry