Kanye West’s Yeezy label ordered to pay $950,000 for false shipping claims

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Estimated shipping times can prove contentious to retailers if they send goods to customers outside of the promised shipping window.

Kanye West’s label Yeezy Apparel on Tuesday reached a settlement with a California court to pay 950,000 dollars for a delay in shipping online orders to customers.

Yeezy failed to ship its California clients within 30 days of placing orders, which the court said violated state law. In the event of delays, the statute requires the company to either refund customers’ money, replace the goods, or provide a “written notice” to the customer with details of how long the delay may be, said the Guardian.

On the brand’s official website it states customers should allow 2-3 days for standard shipping processes on domestic orders and a further 3-5 days to ship.

The state of California deems it is false advertising if a company fails to send online orders within 30 days. According to The Fashion Law, the case was filed on October 22nd in the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles. “The California state plaintiffs assert that a variety of consumer protection statutes govern sales made to consumers in the State of California on the basis of orders placed over the Internet, including Business and Professions Code section 17538, which requires that orders for goods or services placed over the internet “be shipped within 30 days (of that order being placed).”

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