UK ranks as second most artistic company in Europe, says study

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The UK came in second place in a study of Europe’s most artistic companies according to the Creative Resource Design Pack. Number one is the Netherlands with Latvia in third on the index.

The study analyzed five different factors: the percentage of government spending on cultural services, the number of art schools, colleges and universities, the number of famous museums, and the number of students studying art. arts and the total value of cultural exports.

Countries receive a score of 10 for each factor, plus a total score of 50, with first place going to the Netherlands, scoring 29.4 out of 50, just a slight lead over the UK in second. , got 28.3 points.

The Netherlands scores a maximum of ten points for having the most visited museums per capita in this category. Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum are both among the top 20 most visited museums in the world, attracting 2.7 and 2.1 million visits respectively in 2019. The country also scored An impressive 7.7 for the value of cultural exports and 5.3 for the number of students. art studies, all of which helped the Netherlands to win the top spot.

The UK ranks as the second artistic country in Europe due to its maximum index score of ten points in the cultural export category. Every year, 307 euros worth of cultural goods and services are exported per person living in the UK. A similarly high score of nine is attributed to the number of top museum visits thanks to the British Museum and Tate Modern being the third and fourth most visited museums of 2019 in Europe.